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Drive your business strategy with the best technology in travel

Business Travel Solutions

Streamline your business processes with intelligent design

We’ve developed our solutions with the aim to enable corporate travel departments and Travel Management Companies to optimise business travel to the benefit of the traveller and business alike.

We are ahead of the pack in giving you the ability to differentiate your content and enforce your strategy for supplier management with content steering tools, the most complete content, intelligent integrations, cloud based up-to-date software and user focused tools.

Most importantly, we are focused on you, our customer, and foster a can-do attitude to configure the system to match your specific business strategy.

TCT offer you the very best solutions that are tried, tested and preferred by the top TMCs in the world:

  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Agent Profile Creation.
Business Travel Solutions

To know how we can help you with business travel solutions, please email us at sales@travelcentrictechnology.com.

GDS Apps Development

Improve, optimise and enhance your GDS implementation

With over 15 years’ experience of working with Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport (Galileo) we can work together to ensure you have the best systems for:

  • Traveller and Company profile management
  • Data cleansing and validation
  • Integration of external applications with the GDS with real-time data injection
  • PNR data validation and data transformation to bespoke XML formats
  • Point of Sale management to enhance supplier relationships and Customer Travel Policy implementation.

To reach our GDS experts, please email us at sales@travelcentrictechnology.com.

Software Design and Development

From traditional client-server applications to complex web-based workflow systems

Software Design and Development
Bespoke Software Development

Working closely together to develop a whole new system, re-engineer an existing one or integrate those you already have. We have a proven track record of delivering bespoke software development projects within the Travel Industry on time, on specification and on budget. As well as delivering sound operational benefits, our bespoke software solutions typically deliver a significant return on investment (ROI).

A proven project management model

We have a tried and tested project management model that allows the development process to run smoothly from start to finish. Our consultants will work with you to pinpoint the exact needs of your business. We’ll select just the right combination of technology and expertise to deliver that solution. We believe in full transparency from concept to completion so you can expect regular reports, open project files, and early interactive developments so you can clearly evaluate progress.

Quality focus guaranteed

TCT operates an off-shore development team in Bangalore, India and benefits from the large pool of world-class local IT experts while securing significant cost benefits for clients. The initial consultation work is conducted mainly in the UK. As the project progresses the team is happy to travel to where ever you are in the world to ensure effectual and valuable face-to-face dialogue as needed.

Consultancy Services

Our executive team is made up of industry experts with extensive knowledge of business travel and implementing strategic IT solutions to help your business succeed. Our consultants’ combination of hands on experience and extensive travel industry knowledge enables them to help ensure that IT projects are designed and implemented successfully – delivering results for both our clients and their customers. We are committed to providing realistic, relevant and independent consultancy focused on delivering business results. Typical consultancy projects we undertake include:

  • Risk Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • Product Evaluation and Selection
  • System Architecture and Design
  • Software Project Management.

Our industry knowledge and the high level of technical competency within our team enable us to operate confidently alongside all organizational functions. Our straightforward and results focused approach engenders trust and respect from technical staff, management and key decision makers alike.

We provide technical consultancy services to help you make decisions based on informed, well-focused technical analysis. Our IT consultants listen carefully to our clients so that they understand not only the technical issues they are trying to address but also their business context. Their advice is detailed and precise, but always communicated in a context relevant, simple and easy to understand way.

To find out more about our bespoke services, please email us at sales@travelcentrictechnology.com .

Software Testing

Help you achieve the Quality that you can pass on to your customers

Our primary focus for any form of testing is whether the software product will be acceptable to the end user. TCT’s innate understanding of the user’s requirements and knowledge of how far we can push the limits of technology helps us to deliver value to our customers, always.

Over the years testing has evolved to become a separate profession in its own right and is now offered as an outsourced specialist service.

Much of the key benefits of outsourcing your testing requirements revolve around the savings on fixed costs like infrastructure, tool licenses, and dedicated personnel. Our testing team focuses on the customer’s business goals and offers as unbiased outlook on bugs or defects that the internal development team may have overlooked.

Software Testing

Some of the manual and automated testing using tools that the TCT team has developed expertise in are:

Manual Testing - Alongside some automated testing, we provide rigorous and well-documented manual testing services.

Compatibility Testing -Our manual or automated compatibility testing checks that all required features function properly across multiple OS, browsers and their versions, hardware, desktop/tablet/mobile screen resolutions etc. Our experience over a large number of systems and processes enable a thorough approach.

Automated Testing - TCT team’s effort to understand the client’s objectives clearly first-hand, and in-depth knowledge of the Business Travel field helps us automate important steps resulting in significant time saving.

Performance Testing - We can help with testing any application’s load taking, scalability & performance at multiple layers.

Integration Testing - Professional integration of two or more components in an application is a complex process, and we undertake testing projects to ensure required functionality is achieved. We provide a logical approach to ensure your goals are met efficiently.

Platform Testing - We can test your installation, GUI and functionality across multiple OS, DB, and browser platforms to test the performance of any application.

To find out more about our testing services, please email us at sales@travelcentrictechnology.com.

Data Management

Data management services to bring your business up-to-date

Data Management

The enormous flow of data between different networks today, necessitates that the quality of data and its integration are high priority areas.

With our multiple years of experience in data management, we have succeeded in creating a strategic edge in processes which lead to better quality of output at significantly lower costs.

Not only do we provide all the customary data management services, but our insight into the larger business objectives, and close partnerships with our customers has led to many pro-active initiatives in data analysis with implementation of cost-saving processes.

There are major benefits of improved data management:

  • Better information accessibility to make faster strategic business decisions
  • Shift team focus to more productive activities, helping improve performance levels
  • Centralized data repository to ensure smoother integration between various departments
  • Significant cost savings by creating efficient data management.

For a detailed proposal on our data management offerings, please email us at sales@travelcentrictechnology.com.

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