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HotelHubis a web-based hotel booking platform designed to provide a seamless, end-to-end technology solution for booking hotels for business related travel. It is an intuitive tool that simplifies and streamlines the entire process of hotel booking by allowing agents and travellers to easily and efficiently access the most relevant hotels for their needs.

Agency Booking Tool

The HotelHub Agency Booking Tool is an intuitive web application that combines multiple supplier rates across GDS and non-GDS on a single application and provides end-to-end booking workflow for a wider choice and efficiency. The platform is seamlessly integrated with all GDS systems to allow bookings with Agency PNRs. This way, you retain all GDS incentives. With non-GDS hotel suppliers, you retain 100% of the commission generated. We simply charge a fee on the transactions.

Hotels which cannot be booked online, HotelHub offers a complete workflow for managing offline bookings. Offline bookings can be processed by a frontline agent or queued to a specialist hotel desk if required.

  • Multiple search criteria
  • Covering 2M+ hotels
  • Travel Policy compliant solution
  • Normalised output for ease of comparison
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Automated mapping solution

Self-booking Platform

HotelHub self-booking tool empowers travelling employees and support staff to book hotels directly. The intuitive, user friendly interface is compatible with mobile and desktops and is the gateway to over 2 million hotels around the world and to preferred hotels with negotiated rates. Companies with extensive global travel requirements can implement a single hotel booking tool and thereby standardise the procurement, booking and payment processes across the globe.

  • Self-booking tool for employee and travel managers with approval workflow management.
  • Access from mobile, desktop or tablets.
  • Guest reviews available from public and fellow corporate travellers.
  • Policy Compliance, Reporting, and Expense Management for corporates.
  • Corporate Profiling with User Defined Interface Data (UDIDs) defined to capture travellers’ cost centres, departments, designation and billing branch.

Rate Optimiser

Secure the best room tariff easily with Rate Optimiser

Rate Optimiser is a solution that dynamically tracks prices of hotel bookings and alerts you of better rates when available. It continuously looks for lower rates right from the time the booking has been made until the existing booking is cancellable without penalty. Our advanced AI and ML technology-based solution ensures the most optimum hotel rate is suggested to users and eliminates manual price checks. Rate Optimiser comes with a built-in rebooking feature which, upon confirmation, cancels the existing booking and rebooks new accommodation without any manual intervention.

Rate Optimiser identifies rates matching the preferred upgrade and downgrade rate attributes and notifies when available. The customisable auto-rebook feature can be integrated to ensure instant booking and the rebooked details are instantly shared. Rate Optimiser provides an end-to-end solution benefitting TMCs and corporates in managing their costs and employee productivity.
Watch the video to visualise how Rate Optimiser can secure greater savings for your travellers and optimise revenue from hotel bookings. Link

  •  Based on a sophisticated rule engine, Rate Optimiser dynamically tracks prices to find a better deal for you.
  •  Fully configurable settings to accommodate any business rules
  •  Instant notifications are sent to the user alerting them on the price drops and potential savings.
  •  Built-in rebooking workflow from any channel (GDS and non-GDS).
  •  Fully configurable settings to accommodate any business rules (e.g. savings or revenue threshold, supplier optimisation, etc).
  •   Easily consumable monthly report to analyse savings and missed savings opportunities.
  •  Option to select automatic or manual rebooking.
GDS Apps

API/Web Services

Turn any application into a hotel reservations app

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The REST based API is our highly scalable and stable interface to all hotel content in HotelHub. It allows agencies, corporates, and technology partners the power to integrate multiple sources of hotel content including GDSs, OTAs and hotel bed-banks with any application of their choice.

The solution allows integration with self-booking tools, agent applications, mobile apps and smart devices.

API interface is built on a micro services architecture to keep up with your growing business and provides a gateway to the largest network of hotel suppliers.

  • Single orchestrated API calls for getting more intuitive responses easier and faster.
  • Stateless, Simple, Secure and fast API built in REST 2.0 with no schema dependency
  • Allows child, multi-room and multi-passenger bookings
  • Readily available technical documentation and guides
  • Global-scale business travel technology in one API.
  • Suggests frequently booked hotels and alternative hotels in case the desired hotels and rates are unavailable
  • Develop and release with confidence, simple version controls
  • Enables improved customer experience by displaying fastest channels availability responses
  • Cost-effective with continuous performance monitoring.


Robotic intelligence to drive up hotel attachment rates

HotelConnect is a user-friendly app that deeply integrates with the agent GDS terminal enabling hotels to be booked in less than 10 seconds whenever an overnight stay opportunity is detected in a traveller’s itinerary.

As the agent is booking a travel segment, HotelConnect proactively responds with a personalised hotel shopping list without the agent having to explicitly shop for hotels. HotelConnect does this intelligently in the background and works in an assistive manner to support agents and drive up productivity.

HotelConnect is a solution enabling a hotel to be booked with help of a single click and adding the hotel segment automatically to the PNR, with back-office and itinerary remarks if required. The fully automated workflow makes it very easy for agents to increase hotel attachment rates whilst travellers benefit from a proactive and efficient service.

Watch the video to see how Dan’s hotel booking is seamlessly integrated with his flight segment booking and all done in a flash. Link

  •  The HCT app deeply integrates with the agent GDS terminal to proactively shop and book hotels.
  •  HCT allows single-click booking from the user interface, circumventing multiple manual steps.
  •  The hotel segment automatically gets added to the PNR with back-office and itinerary remarks per customised setup.
  •  Personalisation API powers HCT and gives the most relevant options for hotels that can be booked immediately.
  •  The provided hotel options are based on the travellers’ or peers’ travel history and organisational preferences.
  •  Hotel ratings are indicated to help the traveller choose the right accommodation with confidence.

Safe to Stay Features

Choose the right hotel with confidence

Safe to Stay

We constantly enhance our Products and Services to support our customers. Safety and hygiene are of utmost importance to travellers and the HotelHub API has now been enhanced to indicate the newly added safety features. All the booking tools using this API can display the Safe to Stay information in their UI, enabling agents and travellers choose the right hotel with confidence.

We understand that the priority is to ensure travellers are fully informed about the health and safety protocols maintained by hotels and the information provided can be confidently relied upon whilst booking their accommodation.

  • The Safe to stay feature indicates hotels that support enhanced hygiene measures.
  • The map view shows the properties that are certified as Safe to stay. This view helps travellers choose their accommodation based on their location preferences.
  • All the booking tools that use our API can consume the newly added safety measures information and display it in their booking tool.


Technology that understands your needs

Personalisation solution provides context-appropriate data in the hotel booking flow, thanks to our cutting-edge tech-stack and data-driven business insights. With help of advanced AI & ML technology; the shopping and booking patterns of agents, travellers and corporations are deeply analysed to provide them with a personalised hotel booking experience by predicting preferred hotel listing, price range and room & rate types, enabling travellers make better travel decisions.

Personalisation continuously collects application usage data to improve the personalisation logic which in turn improves user satisfaction and increases booking profitability.

  •  Sorting and filtering hotels based on historical shopping and booking data.
  •  Suggest hotels where the traveller is enrolled to relevant hotel loyalty programmes.
  •  Display corporate policy compliant hotel rates.
  •  Filter/block rates based on mode of payment.

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