About us

A small, passionate & powerful team focused on travel technology for Travel Management Companies.

The company

The evolution of Travel Centric Technology.

Travel Centric Technology (TCT) was founded in 2008 by a team with over 19 years’ experience in business travel technology innovation who understood that Travel Management Companies were looking for choices in technology partners to retain their independence.

The company

In 1996 the team created HotelHub, which has evolved into a complete hotel booking application designed for Travel Management Companies and Corporate Travel Bookers with nearly 1,400,000 + unique hotels connected to it.

Our products and services help travel management companies improve their hotel product offering to their corporate customers without the risks associated with developing complex technology solutions in-house.

As an independent, young and innovative company, we do not have any legacy systems or processes that constrain our creativity or innovative passion. Our business is geared around the success of our customers. “We believe our goals can only be achieved if our customers win.”

Our mission

To offer the best and most complete hotel booking solution for Travel Management Companies.

We are a technology company that believes in nurturing our talent to bring the most innovative, design and technology ideas to you. We can enable you to stand out in the market place and drive the changes in the sector, be independent and have the power to enable your own strategy.

Given that the needs of every customer is different, the primary objective of the group of experienced professionals at Travel Centric Technology is to streamline our processes so that we can respond quickly to varying customer requirements to deliver solutions of unbeatable quality.

Our expertise lies in offering high-end software consultancy and turnkey solutions to all our clients. We are committed to developing core competencies, providing a stimulating work environment and have a process orientated structure.

From providing the richest content and complete end-to-end services to support your business strategy, the depth of our understanding of your requirements makes us unmatched in our service and delivery.

Our mission

Our Approach

we put our customers first.

Our Approach

At Travel Centric Technology we keep it simple, our customers and their ability to offer relevant and valuable products and services that help save costs and generate more revenue, is our priority.

We work closely with our customers to identify their requirements and to understand how their business works. We then develop appropriate business travel technology solutions to empower and optimise their business processes, procedures and reporting. We aim to provide software applications capable of delivering real and significant business benefits.

To find out how we can help you please email us at sales@travelcentrictechnology.com.


Intelligent technology to drive your business strategy.


We know that anticipating your customers’ needs drives your business strategy and we strive to help you create productive and rewarding relationships as your business strategy evolves.

The team at Travel Centric Technology has a strong knowledge base built by interacting with our customers for over a decade. Working with the top TMCs in the world has enriched our experience and combined with our quality processes following ISO 9001:2008 certification we ensure delivery of value added products and services to our customers.

Gain value for money

Transparency and personalised service means that you are always in control of the project focus and expenses. Benefit from our developments that lead to more efficient and intelligent processes in your business. Our focus on continuous process improvement leads us to lower defect rates and reworks on projects, resulting in huge savings to our clients.

With HotelHub you get access to the widest, all-encompassing hotel content, working seamlessly with your systems to give you end-to-end integration.

Achieve continuous process improvement

Our systems and processes are based on the best quality practices in the industry, which help our clients to adapt faster to the rapidly changing business requirements globally. We lead the way in innovative, responsive and intelligent hotel booking software globally.

The continuous process improvement initiative helps our clients plan better resource utilization resulting in lower operational costs.

Secure better quality and reliability

We have a tried and tested system that is stable and secure to the most rigorous global standards. Our systems are frequently exhaustively reviewed internally and by our clients to ensure it’s robust, reliable and secure.

The technology is cutting edge, and our cloud based SAS (software as a service) solution means you always have the latest version.

Benefit from fast solutions and support

We work in an agile and responsive manner to ensure that our customers are always supported at all times. HotelHub effectively integrates many different major Self Booking Tools, GDSs, and non-GDS channels, as well as back office systems ensuring that the myriad of different processes work harmoniously.

Our trouble shooting team takes pride in their ticket turnaround time and it is the one feature of working with Travel Centric Technology that ensures our long-term, productive relationships with our customers. We endeavour to keep our clients satisfied, always.

Quality Policy

“We shall strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering defect free products and services, on-time delivery, through a process of continuous quality improvement and always ensuring value for money.”

Some of the key issues which emphasis on Quality are listed below:

  • We have attained the ISO 9001:2008 certification for software development & data management centre in Bangalore.
  • A culture of Total Quality Management with a particular focus on continuous improvement of every process and operation.
  • Ensuring that there are robust software quality checks and controls covering the entire Software Development Life Cycle. The whole cycle has an effective defect tracking system in place that ensures defect free delivery of our products.
Quality Policy

Executive team

Faces of the company.

Jay Virdee

Chief Executive Officer

"We follow a customer-centric strategy to build long-term strength and success for the company. Our customer's requirements and experience of working with us is always foremost in our priorities. We understand where the company fits in the travel market and foster a can-do attitude to enable our customers to achieve their business goals."

Jay Virdee has been in the hotel industry building booking technology for the past 23 years. He understands the business at every level and drives the continuous improvement processes that are the backbone of every successful company. He demands not just high standards of quality at work but also of integrity and honesty.

Eric Meierhans

Chief Commercial Officer

With over 18 years of experience working with global Travel Management Companies in key strategic roles, Eric has a unique perspective into the challenges of the travel industry.

Eric works closely with Jay to help guide developments to augment the company's value for our customers. Eric has a forward-thinking attitude towards proactively overseeing our customer relationships to ensure the company delivers the best possible experience for the customer.

Steven Berry

Chief Operating Officer

Steven’s roots are imbedded in the management of systems as a service and he has over 20 years of experience in this area. He is detail –oriented and meticulously manages the operations that are at the heart of the company.

He ensures that our systems are world –class; constantly reviewed for integrity, productivity, and reliability. As our company grows, Steven works closely with the team so that our customers continue to feel confident working in the secure environment of our products and services.

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